Organomation now offering PolyScience DuraChill series laboratory chillers

Organomation continues to partner with PolyScience to offer its new line of DuraChill laboratory chillers. For laboratories that require a source of cool water to chill or cool their samples, PolyScience’s portable chillers provide a constant and reliable source of liquid coolant for a variety of laboratory applications.

“Polyscience’s reliability makes them a perfect complement to our S-EVAP and ROT-X-TRACT systems,” said Sales Technician Amy Valladares, “we’ve been partnering with them for our 30 years and are excited about the new design.”

The chillers have a working temperature of -10° to +70 °C with a ±0.1 °C temperature stability and a cooling capacity of 600 to 1290 watts at 10 °C.

The new DuraChill series features an easy-to-read full color touch screen with displays for set temperature, fluid temperature, reservoir fill level, output pressure, and status of filter. If the fluid runs low, the chiller will give an audible alarm providing a worry free prevention of pump failure.

Users will no longer have to go to the back of the chiller to open and fill the reservoir; a new front filling port makes it easier to open and fill. A new self-changing filter automatically changes the filter once a month for two years.

An ultraviolet anti-biological light system prevents algaecides from being released into waterways.

The new chillers provide a quieter working environment due to the Whispercool® patented noise reduction system.

Learn more about Polyscience’s DuraChill series here.

Please contact any Organomation sales technician for help in choosing a chiller for your application.