Compact Concentrator for Large Vials

Catalog #
MICROVAP Concentrator Cat# 11806
6 Position MICROVAP for large vials

The 6 Position MICROVAP is designed for customers with larger sample tubes who desire a compact solvent concentrator. This evaporator is based on the same small footprint as the 15 and 24 Position MICROVAPs and can accept tubes up to 30 mm in diameter. The 6 Position MICROVAP is available in both heated and unheated formats.

This instrument was developed for a customer looking for a compact blowdown evaporator that could fit in a glovebox. Their sample tubes were too wide to fit in a 15 Position MICROVAP, but we were able to design a custom 2x3 sample array to accommodate their sample tubes in a MICROVAP platform.

Like our standard MICROVAP offerings, the 6 Position MICROVAP is designed for small batch evaporation and includes a gas distribution manifold, gas flow meter, 6 position aluminum sample block, and choice of a heating unit or unheated stand. Each instrument also comes with a set of custom heat block inserts expertly machined to fit your sample tubes.