Large Scale Solvent Evaporator for 500 mL Flasks

Catalog #
S-EVAP-RB, 8 position, 500 ml
S-EVAP-RB, 8 position, 500 ml
  • S-EVAP-RB, 8 position, 500 ml
  • S-EVAP-RB, 8 position, 500 ml
  • Cat# GS2163, 500 ml round flassk glass set, individual collection
  • Cat# B2104, water bath

The digitally controlled 8 position S-EVAP-RB (Cat# 12008) can evaporate up to 8 samples at once with a capacity of up to 500 ml (Cat# GS2163) at each sample position.  Smaller glassware accommodating up to 250 ml (Cat# GS2162) or 125 ml (Cat# GS2161) may also be used with the purchase of adapter rings (Cat# XA2284 or Cat# XA2286).



  • Solvent recovery: recover up to 97% of starting solvent volume with individual collection glassware
  • Conserves valuable bench space: all samples are arranged in a circle
  • Easy sample access: the instrument rotates allowing all samples to be accessed from the front
  • Fewer connections: one water supply line in, one drain line out 


Standard Features:

  • Manifold for holding solvent recovery condensers
  • Flow meter and rigid supply tube for condenser water supply
  • Condenser water supply/drain manifold connects  to a bench cold-water tap, or a refrigerated water chiller for improved control of condenser temperature and water conservation
  • Parallel water supply/drain manifolds with quick disconnect tube fittings
  • Bath temperature range 30°C - 100°C
  • Evaporate solvents with boiling points up to 65°C
  • Digital electronic temperature control +/- .5°C


Optional Features:

  • Intrinsically safe type Z purged bath (Option Code -Z)
  • 240V wiring and plug (Option Code -2)
  • Nitrogen purge manifold (Option Code -N)


To learn more about this unit’s available configurations and optional features, please click here.