Corning One-Step Liquid-Liquid Solvent Extractor - ROT-X-TRACT-LC

Catalog #
ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
  • ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
  • ROT-X-TRACT-LC Cat#13318
  • Cat# GS3380, Corning One-Step extractor glass set, for ROT-X-TRACT-LC
  • Cat# B3103, water bath

The ROT-X-TRACT-LC is designed to accommodate up to eight (8) Corning Accelerated One-Step apparatuses. The Corning Accelerated One-Step extraction apparatus combines continuous liquid-liquid extraction and concentration into one step. A cold-finger condenser is used to reduce overall height to accommodate traditional laboratory hood specifications; however Allihn condensers can be substituted per customer request. 


The hydrophobic membrane allows the organic solvent to circulate through the 1 liter sample bottle continuously until the extraction is complete.  By incorporating a stop-cock assembly and 3-ball Snyder column, the Corning One-Step extractor can both extract desired analytes as well as evaporate solvent from the end by-product within the same cycle. 


The Corning One-Step extractor comes with an electronic side control box which enables the operator to program specific bath temperatures and time cycles to stay in compliance with the designated methodologies. 



  • Multiple simultaneous extractions: extract and concentrate up to eight samples simultaneously
  • Precise controls: digital timer and heat controls
  • Fewer connections: one water supply line in, one drain line out
  • Organomation vacuum insulated concentrator tubes keep delicate samples safe
  • Water bath is gentler than jacketed concentration tubes in traditional set-up


Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stepped bath rim and cover disk seals steam chamber
  • Each condenser water line attached to centrally located water manifold
  • Side control box
  • Water flow meter
  • Laboratory grade materials stand up to organic solvents


Optional Features:

  • All associated glassware
  • Intrinsically safe type Z purged bath (Option Code -Z)
  • 240V wiring and plug (Option Code -2)


Glassware Features:

  • Stop cock to switch to sample concentration after extraction is complete
  • 1 L sample bottle
  • J-shaped Snyder column
  • Hydrophobic Corning membranes (sold separately)
  • In-line KD flask for optimum heat transfer
  • Vacuum insulated concentrator tube