Parallel Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extractor

Catalog #
ROT-X-TRACT-L Cat#13308
ROT-X-TRACT-L Cat#13308
  • ROT-X-TRACT-L Cat#13308
  • ROT-X-TRACT-L, Cat#13308, basic glass set Cat# GS3357
  • Cat# GS3357, basic l-l extractor set, 250 ml KD flasks
  • Cat# GS3358, basic l-l extractor set, 250 ml round flasks
  • ROT-X-TRACT-L, Cat#13308, Hershberg-Wolfe glassware Cat# GS3352
  • Cat# GS3352, Hershberg-Wolfe extractor set, 250 ml KD flasks
  • Cat# GS3352, Hershberg-Wolfe extractor set, 250 ml round flasks
  • Cat# B3303, water bath
  • Cat#13302, water control box

The ROT-X-TRACT-L rotary liquid-liquid extractor allows for up to 8 liquid-liquid extractions to be performed at once.  The instrument was designed to simplify extractions using a traditional liquid-liquid extraction apparatus or the Hershberg-Wolfe extraction apparatus. 


Traditional configurations of these extractors employ 250 ml boiling flasks, an Allihns condenser and 1 liter extractor bodies. These highly efficient instruments provide continuous solvent extraction and use a large diameter return tube to minimize any chance of clogging. 


The extractor hardware can also accommodate Hershberg-Wolfe (H-W) glassware and frits for more accurate extraction of samples. The H-W extractor body assembly increases the amount of time the solvent is in contact with the sample promoting a more accurate extraction of analytes. Both the traditional and H-W extractors come with a remote power and water control box. The control box provides a safety feature for unattended operation, automatically shutting off heat and water to the extractor when water flow from the return line diminishes. 


All extractors are engineered using a circular design for easy insertion and retrieval of samples. Please contact us for any specific questions about these instruments. 



  • Conserves valuable bench space: all samples are arranged in a circle
  • Easy sample access: the instrument rotates allowing all samples to be accessed from the front
  • Fewer connections: One water supply line in, one drain line out 


Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stepped bath rim and cover disk seals steam chamber
  • Each condenser water line attached to centrally located water manifold
  • Water control box
  • Flow meter
  • Laboratory grade materials stand up to organic solvents


Optional Features:

  • Intrinsically safe type Z purged bath (Option Code -Z)
  • 240V wiring and plug (Option Code -2)